Back to work !!

The Ossature Production team is back to work !

5 days left before THE DATE, the place to go to in the Event sector – we’ll be there !

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Happy summer holidays !

Ossature Production's team wishes you happy summer holidays !

Ossature Production opens again on August, 19th

The IFES international meeting in Athens !

Ossature Production : on its way towards the IFES international meeting in Athens !

Two awards at the World Exhibition Stand Awards !


An original showcase

An original showcase to display customer products - each detail matters !

A projection room at the THALES stand

An elegant declination of black for a projection room at the THALES stand at the Aircraft Interiors Expo:

a printed black carpet on the floor and ceiling with an outer plywood structured painted black with a tension fabric centre, as well as curved partitions walls painted black


Conception DECORAL

The THALES stand at the Aircraft Interiors Expo

A new stand aboard for Ossature Production :

a technical room hidden by an arranged reception area with decorative strip panelling !


Conception DECORAL; stand THALES.


Pleased to belong to the finalist team World Exhibition Stand Awards !


Ossature Production was in Madrid for the THALES stand to be set up at Salon WAC 2019.

Here is an overview before the opening of the show, ready within the set target dates.

A busy week !

A very busy week and a work schedule to follow so as to meet the deadlines.

Machining center HOMAG

A numerically- controlled HOMAG machining centre always with the same excellent results and optimum product quality!


Here is a small fashionable stand at the moment made of Coco Bolo melamine chipboard in relief with 2 illuminated display cases integrated in the partition.

A pretty nice stand in a small area !


Conception A2 CONCEPT

What about our new HOMAG edge bander?


here is an investment that has lived up to our expectations : good design, our workshop’s team saves a tremendous amount of time and achieves a high quality finish dedicated to our demanding clients’ productions.


Ossature Production wishes you a wonderful year !

Happy holidays !

The team of Ossature Production wishes you all the best in 2019.

The company reopens its doors on January, 3rd.


See you then !

The delivery of the new edge bander !

To develop over time, we need the cutting edge of technology : An Homag edge bander has just been delivered in our workshop – an important investment for us to improve quality, efficiency and the thoroughness of our work in order to satisfy customer demand.

Sponsorship of the "OJOS D'IQUITOS" association !

Ossature Production has the pleasure to support the “OJOS D’IQUITOS” association whose members, 4 students, want to promote the work of volunteers in the humanitarian world through artistic means.

These young students went to Iquitos in Peru, for two weeks in order to follow a volunteer student as an English teacher in a primary school welcoming young people from...

The production of AG2R stand !


The abr proves just as useful with an integrated coffee machine, a fridge and storage furniture.

It's a multifunctional area : one side kitchen and a reception area that go well with each other!


Conception : A2 Concept

THE DATE - 29th AUGUST 2018 !

Ossature Production will be present for an important event in the trade fair and event industry - speed meetings with design offices and communication agencies are already part of the programme at the Parc Floral, Pavillon du Chesnay du Roy in Paris.

Press release THE DATE.



Parallel between the 3D picture and the real construction of the stand CS in Paris: focus on the LED ribbon added into the banner and the swing sign with a "tournette" engine.


Conception : BY-D

The Stand SIGMA at SITL

The mission was to make a giant POWER button come true : a C totem-style construction, painted in acrylic and white satin and that's all there is to it !


10 DAYS OF BUILDING AND A TRICKY TASK HAS BEEN COMPLETED : the entire construction is made of curves and 200 rounded shapes were necessary to make the aircraft fuselage.

It will be important for the junctions not to be too visible – and this is exactly how things have to turn out ! Now ready to go to Hamburg !

KIA : A fresh new look 2018 !

Design of a showroom – an exhibition car area at a KIA automobile dealership’s, avenue de Suffren in Paris
Material : black melaminate, painted medium
All we had to do was to emphasize a visually pleasing arch while hiding a portico crane and to redesign the walls with painted wood.
Use of a black melaminate integrated into the existing walls.
The portico is turned into a luminous box...


Ossature Production and its team wish you a happy and magical new year !

The workshop has taken a further step in digital era

Ossature Production invested in a digital saw and machining centre in 2009.

Since then, life at the Production has become simpler and more streamlined thanks to the modern ways with which working hours are recorded  by the workers, exhibition schedules are managed, internal information is recorded and the ways in which the photos of stands and shops are set up in order to see the final result almost in real time!


Ossature Production attended the IFES Congress in Montpellier from 21 to 24 June 2017

IFES is the International Federation of Exhibitions and Event services.

More than 200 participants: the members of the IFES came from everywhere and were there to exchange and to establish new partnerships.
Talking and being part of this big international meeting within the Exhibition and Event world – that’s what we were here for.
Ossature Production, as a new member, has started developing new collaborations in Europe and...


Exhibition EUROSHOP in Dusseldorf, triennial key event of Retail professionals, from 5 to 9 March 2017.

IFES is the International Federation of Exhibitions and Event services.
More than 200 participants: the members of the IFES came from everywhere and were there to exchange and to establish new partnerships. Talking and being part of this big international meeting within the Exhibition and Event...

THE DATE: first successful meeting for Prestalians and its partners!

On August 30th, at the Parc Floral de Vincennes, it was an event organized by the group of Exhibition and Event service providersPrestalians.
More than 100 professionals and more than 600 organized appointments.

Ossature production participated to this big business meeting gathering the adherents of Prestalians and the design agencies...

Our areas of expertise



Creation and adjustment of showrooms adapted to your commercial buildings. We will help you make the most out of your image through furniture elements and product staging that keep the spirit of your company’s identity.

Icon pop Store Retail

Pop stores / Retails

Layout in new premises or renovation… We use diverse as well as innovative materials so as to reproduce your project at its best.

Icône réalisation techniques et spécifiques

Specific Technical Productions

We make suggestions to advise you with technical productions and sophistications. To give life and form to your project – this is where our mission lies.



As experts of top-of-the-range stand construction, we are ready to design and realize all your creations, adhering to your project.

Icône montage et pose

Mounting and installation

Our team of installers ensures the perfect installation is put into place in conjunction with the other services. Installers also deal with the dismantling process.

Icône Étude des plans

Study plans

Together with your responsible person of the project, the Head of production participates in the elaboration of the building, validating the specific techniques necessary for the manufacturing process.

The operational team

Ossature Production logo

Ossature Production is a traditional stand and top-of-the-range pop-up store builder. The company is also active in building showrooms as well as technological ones in a wide range of sectors.
aeronautics and defense, fashion and home business. We can help you build store layout of corner stands, reception areas, conference rooms in varied spaces –offices, hotels, museums.


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