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With more than 20 years of experience, Ossature Production is a thriving company.


In January, our team was in Germany, at the AMBIENTE fair to assemble...

Meeting table of the PARISANTE CAMPUS

An impressive meeting table made for the PARISANTE CAMPUS in Paris : a 6 meter table top fixed on a structure of 10 lacquered paint table legs.


Happy New Year 2024 !

Ossature Production team wishes you a happy new year 2024 !

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The workshop

Over 2 000 m² of workshop and storage space, our activities are now based on high-tech equipment such as a digital machining centre and saw.

We put technical skills at your disposal to make your stand, showroom or outlet layout projects come true. In accordance with your validated project, we take up the challenge to construct it within the set deadlines.

Our know-how and experience will maintain the quality for which we have become renowned. Digitization has not only improved our production but also refined the quality of our technical feats.

Production team

Olivier FABRE - CEO +33 (0)2 37 45 01 03
David DESVEAUX - Head of production +33 (0)2 37 45 81 69
Caroline MONNIER - Administrative management +33 (0)2 37 45 20 64
Mélanie PAVEE - Administrative management +33 (0)2 37 45 20 64

A workshop of 15 professionals and a team of 20 installers are at your disposal in France and across Europe.



1.5 M€
of turnover


More than 30


6 000m2
mounted stands

20 Installers
in France and Europe


    Indeed, our teams dealt with the stand set-up of the CFM chalet, designed by the STIK&CO agency, from May 22 to June 18,2023.

    A reception area with a curved bank and a Sibu disc on the ceiling, an office area equipped with tables and benches, a restaurant area with a cylindrical catering reserve and here is the result !

    Thank you to the STIK&CO agency for trusting us in the accomplishment of their beautiful project.

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    An AXA stand with an atypical decoration with claustras made of wooden strips of all sizes and a great triangular mazzanine.

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    Its furniture is as autonomous as mobile, hence the stand will look differently as many times as possible !

    Laminate furniture, desk areas, the arch can be arranged according to the customer's wishes.

    The arch is held in place thanks to the through tubular bars onto key points.

    So this is a concrete illustration of recyclable design !

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    The exhibition and event « From Chantilly to Azay-le- Rideau. The portraits of the Renaissance period » represented a real technical challenge for our teams. As a temporary exhibition, authentic museum showcases had to be set up and we had to deal with hygrometry and constraints of the French Monuments Historiques.

    Handling was careful as there were weight constraints to cross the moats of the castle. There was no elevator and we had...

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    Here is a visually pleasing result : an aerial ceiling, several discussion areas surrounded by 2 very big bars, highlighted by LED light - excellent job !

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    At the SIAE at Le Bourget, the CFM chalet really looks classy.

    It's been excellent teamwork with which success was the final result !

    The ground covered with a white floor is punctuated with integrate LED.

    At the entrance, the reception desk made of lacquered medium shows a front panel made of Corian.

    Most partitions are curved : in the VIP area, the partition has integrated glazed loopholes. The finishing is in...

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    The Quartus group is proposing its clients an innovating experience with an « Ilink » programme and its conciergerie on the island of Nantes by balancing personal and professional life in the same place.

    Ossature Production has co- built this place, namely the bar, the bookshelves, the LED installations, some suspended ceilings.

    THE BAR : it’s a key piece of furniture with a marble-made top and...

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    We have to hang pergolas : everything is done to answer the client’s requirement as well as the safety technical conditions : attachment plates, fixing stays and an horizontal handrail etc

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    There was a major challenge : the length of the sign (6 meters long) had to be divided into 2 parts.

    Fixings with hidden gaskets. To fix the sheets, you only need to clip and fit into the rib.

    Fitting has to be as cautious as possible as the stand will be reused several times.

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    This is a stand made of a lot of curved lines with a high quality finish. The stand has a white and grey floor with color inlay over a perfectly flat surface.

    There were real technical challenges to be met :

    • A panel where upon  a full motion video was seen through the 5 cut letters of the stand signage.
    • The addition of superimposed partitions (several totems, doors etc) cheats the eye – all the panels are hollow and allows wiring and hiding but...
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    Richard Mille ‘s stand was a key event to which Ossature Production provided expertise with its know-how and strong skills.

    It’s been a great challenge : 5 places to refurbish, 6 tons of laminate, furniture, movable partitions, floor covering – and everything has to be recycled after the dismantling.

    Ossature Production’s involvement  was full to achieve the construction of the 9th edition of the greatest historical race throughout the world.

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    Installation of a 38 mm floor made of melaminated wood to have the exhibition area limited with reclined angle.

    10 ceiling elements to be built on site.

    A top sign made of wood completely covered with a tarpaulin with a logo – the whole set is slung.

    A construction kit with an orange metallic frame (EPOXY)

    To define the cinema area, succession of beams in 3 colours

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    Building the elements of an airplane fuselage, completing a nice curved form. Professional rigour was needed to set up the arches of the fuselage : 200 rounded  preforms had to be set up.

    When you enter the fuselage under a white arch, you can see a huge wall of images covering the inside wall.

    Trompe l’oeil side windows (adhesives) make the atmosphere true !

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    To highlight this well-known brand, the combination of materials is everywhere: backlit glass panels, leather – trimmed walls, a curved laminated headband, opaque stretched ceilings and a « noir perfect » material coated with an anti- fingerprint treatment. (PerfectSense Matt)

    It is important for all trades to keep us closer as a team, to keep in mind the possibility of anticipating the needs during the...

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    Here is the blend of a traditional stand and of a modular one: our mission was to respect LENOTRE’s charter and to represent the varied activities of the school.

    Furniture has to keep the LENOTRE spirit - a classical style, solid as well as easy to use (daily cleaning, storage) and convenient.  Walls are covered with visuals to create an illusion of mouldings.

    The look of...

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    It’s been a construction game made of wood and glass, installed at a great height : neon signs, large ceilings and arches. The result is an interplay of spaces with interrupted arches.

    The main challenge was to keep up the date for the installation of an arch made of Zebrano melaminated boards, as a draft shield.

    A wall of images dominates the site and the reception area is limited by a glass panel.

    Computer cabling installed in the furniture with the...

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    ...a place made of reused structures that have been modified according to the current mood.

    Each totem is a library and at every corner of the stand, a place for gathering comes alive : here a piece of furniture, there a discussion area.

    The totems are the main frames  supporting the high structures, holding light and signs.

    The small room has a multifunctional role : inside it’s a technical room and its outside walls are turned into 8 small shelves....

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    Institutions de la Coiffure

    This corporate stand is designed to welcome the institutional partners and to be an intelligence centre addressed to the professionals in the trade.

    Layout of surface area :

    • A reception area with a kiosk made of melaminate equipped with a touch screen interface.
    • 2 work areas with high tables with free-standing lamps.
    • A homely area with an extensive bar to welcome cocktail parties and personalities presentations during...
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    The building is based on multifunctional, thick partitions in 3 levels and includes a reception desk for demonstration equipped with a showcase:

    The building is based on multifunctional, thick partitions in 3 levels and includes a reception desk for demonstration equipped with a showcase.
    Showcases, integrated cupboards, transoms can be reused for a range of exhibitions.

    Reusing the different parts enables the customer to have a better modulation when...

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    The exposition of Bourget, 52nd edition, was held from 19 to 25 June 2017.

    The stand is built on 2 levels, divided into several contoured areas and hosting appropriate situations.

    Several examples of curved elements include:

    • A circular video room
    • A curved sliding door
    • ...
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    Here, demand for quality was combined with finite attention to the deadlines: the countdown was triggered at the very moment when the store closed until opening the following morning: it was up to the installation team to set up the corner stand  in blue and light: the race was on to finish before the customers arrived!


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    CFM - chalet au SIAE

    It was a stand and the objective was to make the visitors forget that they were inside a tent so the layout had to be of a top-of-the- range quality, even for a short period.

    • Integrated LED light in the floor
    • Walls and ceilings covered with outstanding satin finish to get a mirror effect
    • Installation of an aircraft engine: it was installed earlier before the floor covering. The ceiling installation occurred later as well as the walls equipped...
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    ICAM is one of the 210 French engineering schools.

    The central theme behind this design was to create a strong identity with open offices and to elaborate a 200 m2- long red thread.
    The technical challenge was to produce long dimensions and to gain a nice finish.

    Within the elaboration of the design, the presence of a red guiding thread had to be considered  throughout the entire...

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    It was an enriching job, from the first 3D views to the final creation of this elegant showroom.
    Thanks to a touch-screen table, all the electronic operations of the room were discretely handled.

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Ossature Production is a traditional stand and top-of-the-range pop-up store builder. The company is also active in building showrooms as well as technological ones in a wide range of sectors.
aeronautics and defense, fashion and home business. We can help you build store layout of corner stands, reception areas, conference rooms in varied spaces –offices, hotels, museums.


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