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Carpenter Fitter M / F confirmed

Ossature Production expands its team and recruits a carpenter-designer on a fixed-term contract evolving into a permanent contract.

Type of Contract:CDD
Address: 41, rue de Nivouville, 28200 CHATEAUDUN

The working time is divided into 2 stages: 70% in the workshop and 30% on site.
Position under the direction of the workshop manager
Respect for wearing protective clothing (hearing protection, safety shoes) and compliance with safety standards.

    • Performing various tasks: cutting, manual use of tools (screwdriver, drill, jigsaw, etc.). All these tasks must meet the specifications of the file.
  • ON SITE:
    • Work under the direction of the installation manager:
    • Assembly and placement of elements by adapting to the constraints of the project, modification of these elements if necessary.
    • Contact with the direct customer.
  • Experiences in assembly appreciated: assembly of stands in trade shows, showrooms and in the world of events in general and in the field of layout.
  • Mastery of calculation, geometry and volume representation (reading 3D plans)
  • Taste and manual skill on the finishes
  • Knowledge of electricity appreciated
  • Use of software and skills on digital machines appreciated
According to experience and salary scales of the building convention

CAP carpenter manufacturer of carpentry, furniture and fittings and / or carpenter installer
Professional baccalaureate carpenter technician- designer

Our areas of expertise



Creation and adjustment of showrooms adapted to your commercial buildings. We will help you make the most out of your image through furniture elements and product staging that keep the spirit of your company’s identity.

Icon pop Store Retail

Pop stores / Retails

Layout in new premises or renovation… We use diverse as well as innovative materials so as to reproduce your project at its best.

Icône réalisation techniques et spécifiques

Specific Technical Productions

We make suggestions to advise you with technical productions and sophistications. To give life and form to your project – this is where our mission lies.



As experts of top-of-the-range stand construction, we are ready to design and realize all your creations, adhering to your project.

Icône montage et pose

Mounting and installation

Our team of installers ensures the perfect installation is put into place in conjunction with the other services. Installers also deal with the dismantling process.

Icône Étude des plans

Study plans

Together with your responsible person of the project, the Head of production participates in the elaboration of the building, validating the specific techniques necessary for the manufacturing process.

The operational team

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Ossature Production is a traditional stand and top-of-the-range pop-up store builder. The company is also active in building showrooms as well as technological ones in a wide range of sectors.
aeronautics and defense, fashion and home business. We can help you build store layout of corner stands, reception areas, conference rooms in varied spaces –offices, hotels, museums.


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Ossature Production Company
41 rue de Nivouville

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