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Le Bourget
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CFM : a top range design for an elegant chalet with white and copper effect, featuring curved shapes

At the SIAE at Le Bourget, the CFM chalet really looks classy.

It's been excellent teamwork with which success was the final result !

The ground covered with a white floor is punctuated with integrate LED.

At the entrance, the reception desk made of lacquered medium shows a front panel made of Corian.

Most partitions are curved : in the VIP area, the partition has integrated glazed loopholes. The finishing is in decorative hollow joint.

The ceiling displays an incredible set of circles with copper or shining white effect and blacklit suspended ceilings.

The bar : a master-piece ! : a fixed part and mobile cylindrical studs with white and copper effect that can be integrated to the bar as they can be fixed into the rounded shapes. The mobile studs make the catering area bigger if neddbe. LED lighting brings lightweight feeling to the whole.

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