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Quartus gallery : « a customer experience in an unusual place »

The Quartus group is proposing its clients an innovating experience with an « Ilink » programme and its conciergerie on the island of Nantes by balancing personal and professional life in the same place.

Ossature Production has co- built this place, namely the bar, the bookshelves, the LED installations, some suspended ceilings.

THE BAR : it’s a key piece of furniture with a marble-made top and polished brass edges. The foundation is made of oak (LAMELLUX fluted oak). Inside the bar, there is a built-in kitchen equipped with a tiled floor.

4 alcoves to delineate areas (a kid area, for instance) equipped with drawers.

Bookshelves made of raw wood, to be painted.

An area, called « the open book » : on a wall, a giant page within a book ready to welcome the text (one part is a curved section and the other one is straight) – an excerpt of Du côté de chez Swann in Marcel Proust’s masterpiece A la recherche du temps perdu.

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Ossature Production is a traditional stand and top-of-the-range pop-up store builder. The company is also active in building showrooms as well as technological ones in a wide range of sectors.
aeronautics and defense, fashion and home business. We can help you build store layout of corner stands, reception areas, conference rooms in varied spaces –offices, hotels, museums.


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