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The exhibition and event « From Chantilly to Azay-le- Rideau. The portraits of the Renaissance period » represented a real technical challenge for our teams. As a temporary exhibition, authentic museum showcases had to be set up and we had to deal with hygrometry and constraints of the French Monuments Historiques.

Handling was careful as there were weight constraints to cross the moats of the castle. There was no elevator and we had to respect a protection protocol of walls, passage ways and levels.

Perfect sealing, security system, materials complying with M1 standards, high dimensions of the showcases : here are as many parameters to be necessary in the context of a public exhibition of a great cultural richness.

Moisture absorbers were integrated and hidden to control hygrometry. Glass fitting was adjusted with edge joints.

Light and changing colour effects were very important : spotlights were set up in advance but reset for the installation of the artworks. The different steps of our mission were carried out in the presence of the manager of the castle.

Filling the showcases was organised very carefully : top and bottom beads improved protection and sealing and a paint finish made the technical details invisible.

Pictures : L. de Serres - Centre des Monuments Nationaux

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